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Executive Committee


President:  Nathan Jones, MD

President Elect:  Cathie Jones, MD

Vice President:  Jennifer Dearden, MD

Secretary (2023):  Galina Davidyuk, MD

Treasurer (2023):  David Feinstein, MD 

Immediate Past President:  Maitriyi Shah, MD

ASA Director (2024)

David L. Hepner, MD

ASA Alternate Director (2024) 

Nicholas M. Kiefer, MD

ASA President

Beverly K. Philip, MD


Sheila R. Barnett, MD (2022)
Nathan Jones (2022)
Nicholas Kiefer, MD (2022)
Fred Shapiro, DO (2022)
Jennifer Dearden, MD (2023)
Nikhil Thakkar, MD (2023)
Maitriyi Shah, MD (2023)
Ruben Azocar, MD (2024)
Cathie Jones, MD (2024)
Mary Ann Vann, MD (2024)


Robert Canelli, MD
Galina Davidyuk, MD
David M. Feinstein, MD
Sohail Mahboobi, MD
Roman Schumann, MD
Balram Sharma, MD
Spiro Spanakis, MD
Lalitha Sundaraman, MD
Richard Urman, MD
Bistra Vlassakova, MD


District 1 - Timothy Abbott, MD
Alternate: Jacob Schauer, MD

District 2 - Dinesh Jagannathan, MD
Alternate:  Vacant

District 3 - Daniel O'Brien, MD
Alternate: Vacant

District 4 - Karolina Brook, MD
Alternate: Wenxi Gao, MD

District 5 - Nita Sahani, MD
Alternate: Tomas Walsh, MD

District 6 - Balram Sharma, MD
Alternate: Vacant

District 7 - Ami Karkar,MD
Alternate: Vacant

District 8 - Amer Tabba, MD
Alternate: Vacant

District 9 - Ben Kaon, MD
Alternate: Vacant


Law Office of Edward J. Brennan, Jr.
80 Washington Street, Suite 0-53
Norwell, MA 02061

Rasky Partners, Inc.

70 Franklin St, 3rd Floor

Boston, MA 02110


Committee on Bylaws

Lee S. Perrin, MD, Chair

Committee on Economics

Ross Musumeci, MD, Chair

Committee on Ethical Practice and Standards of Care

Jeffry B. Brand, MD, Chair

Committee on Governmental Affairs

Nathan Jones, MD, Chair

Judicial Committee

James S. Gessner, MD, Chair

Nominations Committee

Mary Ann Vann, MD, Chair

Programs Committee

Richard D. Urman, MD, Chair

Steering Committee

New England Anesthesia Resident Conference (NEARC)

Dinesh Jagannathan, MD, Chair

Committee on Public Education

Fred E. Shapiro, DO, Chair

Committee on Publications

Nikhil Thakkar, MD, Chair, Newsletter Editor

Sub-Committee, Website

David M. Feinstein, MD, Chair

Committee on Resident Affairs (CORFA)

Danielle Levin, MD, and Elena Madan, MD, Co-chairs

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